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Why Use Explainer Animation Videos for your Company


With the increasingly shortening attention spans of people, a critical issue in online advertising is making a memorable impression in a short amount of time. Animated videos allow you to do just that. According to an Internet Retailer survey, people stay on a webpage with a video two minutes longer than they stay on WebPages without videos, giving you the chance to better engage with your potential customers.

So why should you use an animated video for your website?


Video explanations appeal to multiple senses


Making them a more interactive and enjoyable way of receiving information. Additionally, psychologists have found that people retain 58% more information from watching a presentation than from reading the same information (Canadian Journal Of Psychology).


In order to make a lasting impression, a creative video is the way to go. And, the more creative your video, the better your chances of captivating the viewers and enticing them to learn more about your product or service.


Animated videos are short


This means that they get to the point relatively quickly. A lot of important information can be shared through a short, creative, memorable explainer video.  While text may be able to fully detail lengthy explanations, only video – when done correctly – has the power to captivate the attention of viewers for the brief period that it lasts.


Sometimes, words just won’t cut it


Did your primary school teachers ever teach you to “show, not tell” when you were describing something? Well this principle works best if you can actually show what you mean, rather than just explain it. Just think – if a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how many words a video is worth!


 Videos have the ability to go viral


Whether you’re selling something, teaching a topic, or advertising for an event, videos have to potential and capability of reaching more people than a blog posing or a press release, for example.


So why are we here rambling in a blog post about why you should use an animated video to promote your products or services? If we’ve still got your attention for a few more sentences, we’ll leave you with this: animation is the way of the future. There’s a reason more people opt for broadcast media than print, and that is the simple fact that video is more engaging, more entertaining, and, ultimately, more effective in reaching your target with important information about your company.

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